life in pictures.

a glimpse of my life in pictures in these two weeks time since my last post. 

dining room project. with T now having his own music studio, the old study room/music room is going to change into a study room - dining room integrated. Means I might have a smaller table for work, but finally we can have a proper dining room to entertain! 

experimenting with banana cupcake almost every weekend. one time with walnuts. another time with shredded coconut. yes. yes. there was a happy stomach and a bigger ass, and a scale that scream to the max. ( gained 7 kilograms from Indonesia's visit last December). 

having this photo on the study room. love to see it everyday. oh yep- i am into red nail polish again. 

just currently love taking pictures of buildings that I saw. This one I always pass when I walk to do my weekly groceries shopping. ( yea...i am domestic) 

lately, i am crazy about yellow. i know. this is not the best selfie there is. but i got a point! see that little yellow jacket there? i bought it in Australia. 10 years ago. yep. good investment. 

got this postcard for 30 cent in a small cute bookstore and it has been staying on the mood board for quite a while. oh. i am a postcard addict. i collected them. i still got some postcards from a friend of mine that he sent out from UK around 15 years ago. I don't know where he is now. But the postcards stayed. :D

Currently loving this statement necklace for Spring moods. Originally saw similar ones at Oasis for around 31 Euro. Refuse to spend that much money, I went to Forever 21 some days after to check their accessories collection, thanks to one of my close friend Galih. I found this one for 10,90 Euro. 

i am loving Munich sky when Spring just started. Original pictures from Nexus 5. No filters. Nothing. Not bad huh? :D

My attempt to make this spinach parmesan tart failed successfully when I made the wrong dough. Lesson learned. 

a friend of T from work is having a BBQ party as a welcome party for his girlfriend. It was a great time meeting new interesting people. On the way home as i stroll along the path leaving the river back to the main street I manage to snap this picture when the sun just about to say goodbye. 

One thing that I might have to give me a tap on the shoulder is the commitment I made with T to always bring home cooking to work. So we wake up in the morning and just cook. It saves us money, and we are always know that we have tried to eat healthy. I love this chicken. I basically toss things I can find, then just fried it without any oil. I marinate it overnight with some mix of garlic, chilies, soy sauce, sweet soy sauce, a little fish sauce, and a little sesame oil. Works wonder every time. 

currently loving tea with real fresh mint leaves on it! 

Stay loved! 

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