small things in life

Another day that you got the chance to see and experience all those small things in your life from the moment you woke up until the moment you went back to bed is something luxurious. Just the chance. The time. The seconds that passed by. That is something i believed in. 

I might be known among friends and families as somebody who can be extremely happy about some small things. As for me, I KNOW that I can be happy about small things. Small things can lift up my mood right that instant. Pretty flowers. Bright blue sky or even dark dramatic sky. Delicious simple meal. Fluffy blanket. Soft pillows. Funny looking dog. A customer who went home with happy face after I helped her tried out a few outfits that she needed and make her look good. Basically I can be happy almost about any small things. That small thing includes a saturday when you get to have a nice relaxing day with your loved ones. You woke up late. Had nice breakfast. Then right back to bed and have naps. Then woke up, decided to take a little stroll when the sun is still shining. Got some ice cream from a little cute shop nearby that made their own ice creams. See how spring has started. Indeed. It does. 

a blossomed tree that I saw somewhere as I stroll around. 

Coat : Hallhuber. Pullover: Massimo Dutti. Legging: H&M. Sneakers: Sketchers. Glasses: bought in Indonesia. (Both the coat and the pullover are from their 2013 Fall Winter collection). 

Absolutely delicious home-made ice cream sold at a very cute Tunisian cafe in somewhere close to home. Direction: get off Prinzregentenplatz subway station in Munich, go up, look where the police station is, then walk straight the way down to the direction of Ostbanhof. Just 3 Minutes walk from the subway station. 

Stay loved! 

Your Eve