Alexander, a girl's best friend

A pop-up corner in my office sometimes appear when Alexander is on duty. 

I know what you think. Alexander? Who the heck is Alexander? 

Yes yes I know. Normally when people refer to 'girl's best friend', they normally refers to diamond. I personally tend to find girl's best friend to be something much simpler, and less expensive (grinned). Something that seriously made boring job becomes easier and save me time, normally included. Like Alexander. Yes. Alexander. 

Alexander is a steamer. To be exact, a garment steamer. You might find it surprising how I list a garment steamer to be 'qualified' as one of my Essential Series. But it does. I mean, first off, who loves ironing, seriously? 

I have been using garment steamer since around 2006, when I was running my boutique in Indonesia. They were expensive, but I loved the result so much I decided to buy another one for me personally, and a portable ones for travelling. So let's say I have my hands free from ironing and iron board for more or less 10 years, and I am loving it. That being said, I started hunting for another one when I moved to another country. 

As other things I have, I did not want to just buy a garment steamer, so I waited for more or less a year, being patient and kept using my portable. That until I stumbled on Alexander here, which was a cheaper offer from one of my much beloved online shop : WESTWING

Alexander is one of garment steamer from FRIDJA, a company based in London. Now please bear in mind that I am not affiliated with FRIDJA whatsoever. I have been using this steamer for more or less two and half years and I am very, very happy about it. That is the only reason why you are reading about this right now. 

FRIDJA has two series of professional garment steamer :  F-1400 series, their latest one. This is including Alexander. The other series would be F-1000. Smaller, cheaper but not necessarily less powerful. Both series come in different cute colours that you can pick. I choose Alexander, mostly because it is more powerful and another feature that F-1000 did not have : The Advance Control . Not only you can switch it on without the needs to bend over (you can too, sure, if you are practicing your bend and snap) but also, there is a remote control that enables you to control the heat, which is perfect for delicates, for example silk. 


These are the things that include in the package. Don't worry, there is a manual too. 

A little brief description on what's what. Short word: Features. 

If you want to know about their specifications and current retail prices :

More about the F-1000 you can read here : FRIDJA F-1000 PROFESSIONAL GARMENT STEAMER and more about Alexander and his friends you can read here: FRIDJA F-1400 PROFESSIONAL GARMENT STEAMER. 

Alexander is the black and white ones. But you can sure choose different colours. They come with name too. Cute eh? 

Here is a video a product overview of Alexander and his friends the F-1400 : 

If you have been reading my blog for a while, you might already guessed that I am quite simple. I love Alexander exactly for related reason. The same reason why I think every girl needs an Alexander, or a good garment steamer in general : TIME. 

I can't recall how many times he actually had saved my ass, when I was in a hurry but really wanted to wear one of my wrinkled silk dress. It works super fast, give you crisp and fresh garment within short minutes. For Jeans or super wrinkled cotton shirts, sure, you need more time. One of the thing I love about Alexander, that it looks so chic, I normally just put him in the corner of my office since it blends well with the room's color scheme. 

When I have time and more laundry to steam, I just arrange a simple stander and a dressed the corner in my office a bit and let Alexander do his work. 

So go ahead, spoiled your self, ask for earlier birthday or Christmas gift, and seriously let go of your normal iron and ironing board. And thank me later. 

Ps: Don't forget to clean it regularly and ONLY use distilled water.  Alexander photo and tutorial video courtesy of Fridja's official website. 

Stay loved,

Your Eve