an affordable 'Lady Web'

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This post is for you if you:

  • Crazy about Gucci Lady Web but refused to spend two thousand euro for a bag, 
  • In love with the detail of the bag, not the brand per se,
  • Quickly bored with your purchase.

With the rise of fashion bloggers and digital media over the years, fashion industry, in my opinion, has shifted. I remember those days when I was drooling at magazine fashion spread as I turned on every page. Nowadays, it's as easy as scrolling. 
You open your Instagram, go to your favorite fashion bloggers page and voila! 
We sure all had seen the rises of Chlo√© for the past year when every fashion blogger seemed to acquire and showcase their Drew. 
In recent time, Gucci appears to be taking over, by being the starlet in 'bag must have' list. 
However, trends do come and go. That was why I warned you right at the beginning of the post. 
You may want to argue that you rather buy fakes (please no) or slash your credit card right up to the limit. Buy the original Gucci and sell it again when you are bored and acquire the next trend. 
Sure that is one option. But please remember that the sale of a pre-loved bag is not as easy as it may sound, especially when the bag is not on trend anymore. And unless you paid your credit card in full, you might end up with an enormous amount of unwanted debt. But well, the choice is up to you, of course. 

For you who knows that you will get rid the bag in a year or less and wouldn't mind acquiring similar ones, thanks to Rebecca Minkoff, you can. 
Spotted accidentally by a dramatic - careful shopaholic ( me, lol), you get two choices of colors to choose. The other good news is: both are on SALE! 
Go here for the cheaper brown and here for the green. 


You are welcome. 

Stay out of debt, 

Your Eve