Untitled. Undefined.

It's a little past midnight. She is somewhere with music so loud it almost dumb her brain. Plenty of people chatters, screaming louder than the music, trying to get her attention using boring subjects and dry jokes that she mostly won't mind. Her mind wanders.
She doesn't like that. She hates that. She wants to listen. Engage in a conversations with these people who tried. 
But her mind is a powerful curse. It doesn't obey. It doesn't listen. It directs her exactly to a familiar place she knew. A person. A particular person. 

She doesn't like that. She tilt her head, to the left, then right, she nods. She smiles. She tries. But again, her mind is a powerful curse. So she gave up. Unwillingly. She stares blankly. Try to smile occasionally wishing they wouldn't notice. 

I hate you. She whispers. I so hate you now. 

There are times when she thoughts she is stronger than her mind. Occasionally she lets her mind wins, just to balance out the whole ecosystem she believes alive inside her. Lately, her mind is getting greedy. It just wanders as much as it wants, whenever it wants. To this particular place, where a particular person is waiting. 

A person whom she never thought can live insider her head longer than any other person. A person who can interpret her messy chaotic insane mind into a something normal human can understand. A person to whom she feels something undefined, however powerful, as powerful as her mind, as powerful as her. 

With a smile she let go of a big sigh. Politely excuse her self, went outside and look at the sky. It is a dark one. 
Her mind wanders again. Split second and she was back. To the same particular place. Where a particular person is waiting. A garden. My garden. 
"I am you, and you are me. I am addicted to the feeling I feel for you, as it reminds me of a longing feeling before my fingers go through unopened pages of a really good book. It reminds me of the thrill when I am about to visit strange places. It reminds me of freedom, insanity and honest magic."

Photo by : http://bit.ly/NickScheerbart

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