A dream. Re-dreamed.

I had a dream.
You took me away from here.
We will run, you and me, to the deepest forest where trees turn upside down
Birds sings better than instant superstars
Butterflies fly faster than airbus creating dramatic little swings under the moon light

Then we will make a little boat to cross the ocean
Which ocean that is
I forgot
Its just blue, that I remember
And noisy
It made sound of a rockband
The one that have massive success then disappear over scandal news on lousy newspaper

I had a dream.
You will take me away from here
We will hold hands until they burns
You will listen to me singing until my voice had gone
And we will be quiet just when dawn comes...

...the night when music banging in your ear like butterflies having euphoria on melodrama...

Ivone Eveline, 2016

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